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Who Is The Wealthiest In Africa?

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Investing in gold mining

Who’s Got The Biggest Bag In Africa?

Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote is Africa’s richest person with a fortune of more than 11 billion dollars! This Nigerian tycoon has made his fortune through investing in the cement industry with his company Dangote cement. His company has grown to be the largest cement producers on the continent. Aside from cement Dangote has also invested in agriculture and fossil fuels.

The Competition Is Strong

Mike Adenuga
Africa’s number 2 billionaire is another Nigerian mogul that has built a veritable empire during his career. Mike Adenuga has built a 9 billion dollar telecom and oil empire that has helped connect Nigeria and build its economy. This guy made his first million by selling FABRIC and SOFT DRINKS; That’s what I call a self-made billionaire!

The rest of the list is quite interesting

When you look at the Forbes list of richest Africans you will notice that aside from the two mentioned above NONE are black. African economies are still dominated by unclear interest but hopefully, the future holds more prosperity for the continent. I won’t be covering the others on the list today because I think these two should be highlighted. Check out Forbes if you are interested in the other Billionaires that call Africa home.

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