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Invest $1000 In an African Business Of Your Own

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make money in Africa with $1000 or less
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Africa is one of the most lucrative places one can choose t invest in. The startup cost of the average business is around $1,000. There are a huge number of small businesses you can open easily with part of your Paycheck in the USA. Such a business could be generating you supplemental income and if managed correctly can bring financial independence. keep reading for a look at some of the opportunities available for you! you are probably wondering now where to invest less than $1,000, so let’s take a look at what you can do. When investing in Africa one must choose business opportunities, that have a use locally and abroad. This will make it so when your business grows you know there is a larger market to get into eventually.

Small Scale Farming

growing popular crops like: Carrots, Onions, Leeks, Tomatoes, Spinach, cucumbers, Cabbages, Garlic, Pumpkins, Capsicums, Lettuce, Potatoes, Bananas, Mangos, Pineapples, Papaya, passion fruits, Coconuts, Citrus Fruits, etc are a great cheap way to get into agriculture. An even better idea is to source seeds from your home town and send them to Africa for sale or growing. Seeds on the continent often sell at a premium because of the lack of production experience/capacity on the continent. Thanks to the year-round warm weather in most of Africa you can easily grow several harvests a year if you provide proper irrigation.

Food Selling

Selling foods is also a great business opportunity in Africa because people have to eat! This type of business will do good especially if you can make fast affordable food. A food stall could easily make $200 a day in profit if you choose the right food and location.

Construction Materials

Building materials is how Africa’s Richest man made his fortune. Selling cement and blocks in particular is a VERY PROFITABLE endeavor. The materials practically sell themselves if you have a good location and employees. For this type of business it is good to start with small scale then working up to industrial capacities. Locally sourced products will probably be cheaper than imported materials.

Home Food Processing

Just like having a food stall, home food processing is a lucrative business. People love juice everywhere and the raw ingredients are very cheap. Selling coconut water, fruit juice or even plain filtered water can net you big profits and support the local economy. Nestle makes millions selling filtered tap water. Why cant you?

Home Industry

If you don’t feel up to selling things then the service industry s easy to enter and build an income from. Maid, laundry, and landscaping services are profitable ideas that can lead to a fortune if managed correctly. Most households need some sort of service and if you can provide quality with that service your brand will grow quickly.

$1,000 can take you far

So instead of choosing to spend that $1000 on frivolity in the USA why not take the opportunity to secure your future and stimulate developing economies at the same time. There are over 1 billion people and counting on this great continent. that means your customer base grows everyday. With such low barriers to entry across the continent one would be remiss if they passed up the opportunity to invest in the motherland. Don’t be afraid, there is already billions being made here so come get your piece of the pie!

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