About Us

Habari Network

We are a network that seeks to provide readily available information to the African diaspora. It is a time now where the descendants of Africa are spread across the planet lacking a true cohesive message, thanks to the endless efforts of outside actors. We are now at a point where the African diaspora needs to be kept abreast with the things that are going on around the world so we can better address issues as well informed citizens of the world.

Old Africa

We share the social, cultural, financial, military and political news that comes out of outlets around the world with our users. Africa itself is changing at a rapid pace and it is up to its diaspora to help keep it on a successful trajectory. This can only happen if the diaspora is educated about what is happening in their enormous community. Habari network is here to provide the necessary information to turn our userbase into knowledgeable community members that help grow the prestige and potential of the African Diaspora.


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Habari network is a community project powered by Steemit and WordPress. This means that anyone who contributes to this blog can obtain compensation of 25% of any funds earned through their content. Payments will be made in cryptocurrency via www.steemit.com, please make and account there if you would like to contribute. I can be contacted via our Contact page if you have questions or are interested in reaching out!